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The Port Authority of the Strait of Messina connects Sicily to Italy: every year 12 million passengers and about 3 million among cars and trucks pass through its ports. Sustainable infrastructure, operational excellence, alliance with local areas, digital transformation: these are the strategic objectives of the Port Authority of the Strait of Messina.


Turistic Ports


Motorways of the Sea

of Porti dello Stretto

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The Ports of Messina and Reggio Calabria, which are under surveillance by the Port Authority of the Strait of Messina, are mainly characterised by intense cruise shipping thanks to the tourist attractions of the area and their enviable locations.

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Statistics of the Port Authority of the Strait of Messina

Statistics regarding the tons of goods and the number of passengers handled in Porti dello Stretto.



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Year 2021

Heritage tourism

Discover all the beauty of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the Strait of Messina area.

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History and Myth: Port of Messina

The city of Messina has very ancient maritime traditions due to the port, which for centuries has influenced and improved its economic, commercial and political development. Its original greek name, Zancle, derives from the characteristic sickle shape of the harbor.

Vista area Duomo di Messina notturna dall'alto

In prehistoric period the port of Messina was located on a route of fundamental importance for the Mediterranean sea traffic. Messina became the main port on the island with the advent of the Romans. In these ages the city become the “Civitas foederata” of Rome, obtaining many privileges in maritime and commercial fields. The centrality and importance of Messina suffered a setback during Byzantines dominations. The Normans and Roger I in particular, brought Messina and its port back into vogue.


Port Authority of the Strait of Messina

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