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The Port of Reggio Calabria consists in an artificial basin, protected westward by a long quayside breakwater.

The total surface of the basin occupies about 20 ha. The entrance is 130 m wide, while the quays measure approximately 2.5 kilometers and the depths are from 4 to 12 m deep.

On the internal side, eastward, there is “Banchina di Levante” with the seasonal tourist dock, the fish market and the historic customs warehouses converted to institutional, commercial and recreational activities; to the south, the Margottini quay houses the headquarters of important administrative bodies and leads to the shipping station, reconnecting with the marvelous promenade “Falcomatà” of the city; in addition in this area you can find a tourist dock for pleasure boats and authorities vehicles, and the headquarters of the Harbor Master’s Office.

The pleasure boating activity is significant and rapidly developing, with shipbuilding supporting it; one of the main purpose of the Port is to connect Reggio with Sicily by scheduled services with ferries and hydrofoils Messina and the Aeolian Islands. Currently it also provides ferries for heavy vehicles with the port of Tremestieri. The port hosts a limited commercial activity for bulk goods.


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History and Myth: Port of Reggio Calabria

The birth of the city of Reggio Calabria, as narrated by Thucydides, has its origins in the myth. The birth of the city of Reggio Calabria, as narrated by Thucydides, has its origins in the myth. As prophesied by the Oracle of Delphi, the foundation of the Reghion colony took place in the 8th century BC by the Chalcidians who builded a Greek colony near the Apsia river, today called “Calopinace”, where the ancient port of the city was also built.

Marine erosion and continuous flooding destroyed the construction of large embankments for the Calopinace river and caused “Punta Calamizzi”, a small peninsula, to sink. From the 6th century the city of Reggio was deprived of a safe harbor, so the Portosalvo quay was used in its lack. The port of Messina also provided to help the maritime trades for Reggio.

The construction of a new port for the city is mainly due to the Chamber of Commerce and Arts of Reggio Calabria which in the second half of the nineteenth century was interested in the rebirth of a new harbour: the “Rada di Pentimele” was selected as the ideal site for building a new harbor. The construction of a new port started in 1873. With the Royal Decree of 7th August 1887, the new Port of Reggio Calabria was added to the list of 1st category ports.

In 1908, while the expansion works were in progress, the port was devastated by the catastrophic earthquake of December 28. The Portosalvo quay, which had hitherto been the main commercial port for the city of Reggio, was completely destroyed. The new harbour, located beyond the mouth of the Annunziata river, thus became the only seaport in the city of Reggio.

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The Ports of Messina and Reggio Calabria, which are under surveillance by the Port Authority of the Strait of Messina, are mainly characterised by intense cruise shipping thanks to the tourist attractions of the area and their enviable locations.

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