Food and wine in Calabria

In Calabria, local wine and food represent an explosion of excellent flavours. The secret hides in traditional products, such as high-quality extra-virgin olive oil, and the table olives, which come from the olive trees of the plain of Gioia Tauro and Locride. Equally tasty are the different varieties of meat, such as goat and wild boar meat, but above all high-quality local black pork. The sea offers European anchovies, garfish, Atlantic sauries, sarda fish, silver scabbardfish, and swordfish, which comes mainly from Bagnara and Scilla, but also stockfish, which is known in Italian as ‘stocco’. Furthermore, Calabria produces two unique high-quality varieties of fruit: bergamot orange and annona. . Finally, desserts such as traditional ice cream, ‘mostaccioli’, ‘susumelle’, and ‘stomatico’, which are traditional Calabria biscuits, will be a real treat. Don’t miss the local wine tasting: from traditional IGT (Indication of geographical typicality) red wines that are produced along the whole coast, to the ‘Greco di Bianco’, a DOC (Controlled designation of origin) straw wine which has been passed down from ancient Magna Graecia


Path in the Calabrian cuisine and tradition

Food and wine in Calabria


ACTIVITIES: Path in the Calabrian cuisine and tradition