Food and Wine Itinerary: City of Messina

The cuisine of Messina is justly famous, especially for its pastry and unbeatable ice cream. Indeed, after having visited the city to discover its unique thousand-year-old culture, you will probably end up tasting traditional local dishes, desserts and ice creams. The typical breakfast of Messina, especially in summer months, is called ‘granita’, and consists in a glass of frozen fruit or coffee usually eaten with fluffy brioches. At lunchtime, you could start your meal with ‘pasta ‘ncaciata’ – a Sicilian dish made of pasta, meat, melted cheese and hard-boiled eggs. Then, try swordfish, or the poorer but equally tasty ‘ghiotta di piscistoccu’, that is stockfish fillets cooked on low heat with tomato sauce, potatoes, capers and flavourings. Fried Atlantic sauries, scabbardfish and seafood are other less sophisticated alternatives to swordfish, which is considered as the king of the Straits. This delicious fish may be served as the main course if cooked as delicate rolls stuffed with breadcrumbs.
The meat version of this dish is known as ‘braciole’, and is usually served with green salad.

Vegetable dishes, such as ‘caponatina’ (aubergines, tomatoes, olives, onions and vinegar) and fritters, are mainly made of aubergines. However, desserts and pastries certainly constitute the excellent cuisine of Messina, and you are really spoilt for choice. The most traditional desserts are ‘cannoli’ (pastry tubes filled with ricotta and candied fruit) and ‘pignolata’ (fried in lard sweet made of eggs, sugar, lemon and chocolate). Moreover, why don’t you try a delicious homemade ice cream while wandering around the city? Tip: ask your local agent for a tour which includes a visit to a typical pastry shop to see how ‘granita’ and the other pastries are made. The tour may also include tasting.


From slushes to swordfish, a complete tour of the Messina's cuisine

Food and wine in Messina


Tasting local dishes is a must for anyone passing through Messina.