Messina - Beaches of the Strait

Along the Strait of Messina, in the northern coast up to Capo Peloro (one of the three corners of Sicily’s triangle square), there are many beautiful beaches equipped with resorts that offer a lot of services from beach activities to restaurants, so that people can relax and enjoy the unique scenery of the Strait of Messina.

The inhabitants of Messina love spending their summer holidays there. The relationship between humans and nature has a millenary tradition in the Strait of Messina, where marine biodiversity is rich and unique. The Strait is home to many different types of fish. For example, near Torre Faro there is the “Fossa dei sugarelli” where the dark blue, cylindrical shaped sugarello fish may be found.

This fish is only found off the Sicilian coasts. Messina is famous for the spectacular fishing of swordfish, for which a special boat called “feluca” is used. It holds a central tower-like structure for sighting swordfish and a protruding deck from which the swordfish is harpooned. The fishing season is from April to August. On these typical fishing boats, you can truly experience the world of the fishermen’s tradition, culture and wisdom. This is one of the most original experiences you can have in Sicily, together with discovering the most beautiful sites of the Ionian shoreline, having a lunch of fresh fish on the boat, swimming into the sea, listening to the fishermen explaining their techniques, and trying your hand at them.


The uniqueness of the Strait panorama


Seaside and sports activities


Culture and traditions of sicilian fishermen

Beaches of "Stretto"


ACTIVITIES: relaxation, sport, contact with nature

TOUR DURATION: half day or full day if combined with another tour

Feluca a Messina
Ganzirri (ME)
Feluca nello Stretto di Messina - Diritti Carla Bonomo Photographer


DISTANCE FROM REGGIO CALABRIA: 20 minutes of navigation plus 20 minutes of transfer.